TSP GEN 5 .660
TSP GEN 5 .660

TSP GEN 5 .660" Lift Dual Valve Spring Kit




Fits LT1/L83/L86 Gen 5 LT style engines ONLY. Does NOT fit LT4.

The all new TSP Gen 5 LT1/L83/L86 .660" spring kit featuring PAC valve springs and PRC integrated seat/seal is the newest offering in valve spring technology offering the latest processes and material for maximum spring life. PAC Racing is a leader in valve spring technology, so it was only natural to team up with the best in the valve spring industry for TSP's latest offering in a valve spring kit! The dual valve springs used in this kit feature a proprietary spring that was developed specifically for the Gen 5 6.2L LT1 engine that requires a taller installed height than the typical LS engine. These are NOT the same springs used in TSP's LS dual valve spring kits, but they do use the same technology and polishing technique that is exclusive to PAC Racing valve springs! TSP has developed a .660" dual spring kit with the help of PAC Racing that still offers excellent valvetrain control, even for the more aggressive hydraulic roller camshafts. These valve springs will offer excellent durability and stability and will work well with factory-style lifters. PAC uses a proprietary process called nano-peening that increases the residual stress of the wire, meaning that it compresses the molecules together very tight to help the molecular bond hold better. This greatly reduces the chances of spring fatigue and failure. TSP's kit also includes the patent-pending Precision Race Components integrated valve seat and seal that makes for a very easy installation without any possibility of mis-installation or tearing of the valve seal!

Kit includes:

  • PRC Integrated Spring Seats & Valve Seals
  • PAC Racing Gen 5 LT1-Specific Polished Dual Valve Springs
  • Titanium Retainers (utilizes GM factory valve stem locks, not included)

Install Height: 1.900"
Closed Spring Pressure: 160 lb. @ 1.900" Installed Height
Open Spring Pressure: 406 lb. @ .650" lift, 425 lb. @ .700" lift
Recommended Maximum Spring Lift: .660"
Coil Bind 1.09"


NOTE: Fits GEN V engine applicaitons only. DOES NOT FIT LS ENGINES!