TSP 228R Cam - 228/228 .600
TSP 228R Cam - 228/228 .600

TSP 228R Cam - 228/228 .600"/.600"




Texas Speed & Performance (TSP) 228R Camshaft Specs (25-TSP228R6): 228/228 .600"/.600" & Your Choice of LSA: 110, 112, OR 114


The 228R camshafts use lobes that are designed to be both beehive & double valve spring friendly.

These camshafts have a 3-bolt timing gear pattern.

Texas Speed and Performance's 228R cam is arguably one of the most popular LS camshafts in history! These cams are known for consistent power production and are a classic selection for any GM LS1/LS2/LS6 and even 5.3L/6.0L combinations.

From Texas Speed:

"The 228R camshaft is a very popular camshaft for customers wanting a very streetable camshaft that makes approximately 5-7 more horsepower than the 224R camshaft. Dyno testing has shown the 228R camshaft to make a solid 45-50rwhp gains. The 228R camshaft is large enough that we recommend a larger than stock stall converter in automatic cars. Tuning will also be required in both automatic & manual applications."