GEN IV Truck DOD Delete Kit w/ Texas Speed (TSP) Truck Cam Kit
GEN IV Truck DOD Delete Kit w/ Texas Speed (TSP) Truck Cam Kit

GEN IV Truck DOD Delete Kit w/ Texas Speed (TSP) Truck Cam Kit




GEN IV Truck DOD Delete Kit w/ Texas Speed (TSP) Truck Cam Kit

TSP's Complete AFM/DOD delete kit includes the necessary components to delete your problematic DOD system as well as the standard VVT (Variable Valve Timing) delete kit w/ 3 bolt timing gear upgrade. This package also includes the popular Texas Speed & Performance truck cam kit upgrade.


*Note: Stages III, IV and "MAX" require upgrading to a higher stall speed torque converter for proper idle stability.  Stage III 2600RPM Stall Speed Minimum.  Stage 4 3000RPM Stall Speed Minimum. "MAX" 3500RPM Stall Speed Minimum.

From Texas Speed:
"This camshaft package is specifically for the Texas Speed low lift truck camshafts that can use the GM LS6 single beehive valve springs. You will not find a better price on a cam package than this one! Very economical with respectable horsepower and torque gains, and these camshafts will not be overly radical. Stage 2 and 3 cams may require custom tuning. Stage 1 cam may not require custom tuning, but it is recommended for optimal power and driving characteristics.

You can see the power gains below (measured at crank) for each of our camshafts over a factory 5.3L camshaft that we tested on our in-house SuperFlow 902 engine dyno:

Stage 1 208/214: +45.1 HP & +21.5 TQ
Stage 2 212/218: +51.4 HP & 22.9 TQ
Stage 3 216/220: +53.4 HP & 22.0 TQ

Keep in mind that these gains are compared at the peak HP and TQ numbers. Our cams gained as much as 70+ HP and TQ at other points in the dyno graph, and NONE of these camshafts lose any HP or TQ at 2,000 RPM!"

DOD Delete Kit Includes:

  • Non-DOD Valley Cover
  • Set of 4 GM Lifter Tray Guides
  • Pair of GM 5.3L/5.7L or 6.0L/6.2L Head Gaskets
  • Full Set (16) of LS7 Style Lifters
  • 04+ LSx Head Bolt Kit
  • Timing Chain Dampener
  • 4 Pole 3 Bolt Timing Gear
  • LS Cam Bolts (Set of 3)
  • Water Pump Gaskets
  • Chevrolet Performance Crank Bolt


Optional VVT Delete Kit Includes:

  • LS3 Timing Chain Cover
  • Camshaft Sensor

*Important Notes*
* Tuning is required when disabling the DOD/AFM system.
*These camshafts have a 3 bolt timing gear pattern and the appropriate 1 to 3 bolt conversion kit is included.
*If your vehicle has VVT, the optional VVT delete kit will be required.  These camshafts are NOT VVT compatible.


TSP Truck Camshaft Kit Includes:

  • LS6 Beehive valve spring kit (Note: 6.0L/6.2L equipped trucks will be upgraded to PAC1219 springs and hardened pushrods due to the significantly heavier intake valve found on the rectangular port cylinder heads)
  • Your Choice of TSP Truck Cam (Stage 1, 2, or 3)

TSP Truck Cam Specs:
Stage I Camshaft Specs: 208/214 .550"/.550" 112 LSA
Stage II Camshaft Specs: 212/218 .550"/.550" 112 LSA
Stage III Camshaft Specs: 216/220 .550"/.550" 112 LSA
Stage IV Camshaft Specs: 222/226 .550"/.550" 111+3 LSA
TSP Low Lift "MAX" Truck Camshaft Specs: 228/228 .550"/.550" 110+5 LSA

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