BTR "Truck Norris" NSR LS Truck Cam




Brian Tooley Racing (BTR) NEW "Truck Norris" NSR Gen III and Gen IV LS Truck Cam - NO SPRINGS REQUIRED

*IMPORTANT NOTE* - While this is a "no springs required" camshaft you MUST ensure that your existing springs produce adequate spring pressures and are not excessively worn. If there is any question about the condition of the existing springs, we recommend replacing them. Failure to ensure adequate spring pressures and condition may result in spring failure which has the potential to damage other engine components as well.

Cam Specs: 212/22X, .498"/.498", 107 LSA

From BTR:
"Developed from the success of the original Truck Norris, this NSR (No Springs Required) camshaft will deliver a roundhouse kick in the pants to your 1999-2013 Silverado or Sierra. Developed from hundreds of hours of in house cam lobe design and dyno testing, this camshaft has more power and torque everywhere in the curve compared to our legendary V2 truck cams."

Note: NOT COMPATIBLE with 2014+ Gen V LT Truck applications (L83/L86)


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