Speed Engineering Traction Bar Install on our 1999 RCSB Silverado

Speed Engineering recently released their traction bar kits for 1999-2018 GM trucks (Silverado/Sierra). These traction bar kits are made in the USA and are available for standard axle location and flipped axle trucks. The addition of traction bars will help to eliminate axle wrap and the wheel hop associated with it. This results in more predictable launches and increased straight line traction. Take a look at some of the pictures from our install on our 1999 Chevy Silverado.

We have them available on our site for $329.99, check them out here!


We were impressed at how well the components were packaged to prevent damage during transit.

These kits feature all necessary hardware, as well as an instruction sheet to prep you for the install. Speed Engineering equips their bars with heim joints and the pivot assembly with urethane bump stops. This results in easy adjustment and a smoother ride even when the bars are pre-loaded. We chose the satin black powder coat option, but they are also available in red if preferred. The high quality powder coat finish will offer exceptional durability and easy clean-up. 


The install went smoothly and can be completed in approximately 1.5-2 hours, perhaps faster depending on your tools and skill set. Speed Engineering highly recommends installing bolts through the leaf springs on the front pivot bracket assembly to prevent the bracket from sliding over time. The bracket is pre-drilled for the through-bolts and the hardware is already included in the kit. If you choose to install the through-bolts as recommended, it will require you to drill your leaf springs (5/16 hole). We suggest utilizing the highest quality drill bit available because the leaf springs are hardened steel and roughly 1/2" thick. If you attempt to do this with cheaper drill bits be prepared for it to increase the install time significantly.  

Ground clearance with the Speed Engineering traction bars is excellent. This truck is lowered 6-1/2 inches in the rear, and the traction bars are installed in the lowest holes in both front and rear brackets. 

Overall, we are extremely pleased with the Speed Engineering traction bars and have already noticed improvements and increased traction on the street. We're looking forward to some test time at the track to see how these have impacted our 60'! 

Speed Engineering's 1999-2018 GM Truck Traction Bar Kit - $329.99!

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