1995 K2500 6.5L Turbo Diesel - The Texas Farm Truck Transformation

I bought this truck when I was living in Texas in 2016 from its second owner. It had spent the first 20 years of its life serving as a work truck for a cattle farm outside of Houston. With only 50,000 original miles it still had plenty of life left in it, but certainly needed a fair bit of TLC. The story below gives a brief overview of its transformation. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment below!

After addressing some mechanical issues and general maintenance, the first order of business was prepping the truck for paint. I chose to use professional grade liner due to its near indestructible finish. The pictures below show some of the paint prep process. Every square inch of the truck, including even the finest details of inside the bed, were sanded to ensure long-lasting proper adhesion.

After paint prep, the truck was final disassembled, masked, and sprayed in two stages. I chose to use Monstaliner for the tan and Raptor Liner for the black. The Monstaliner flows a bit smoother, so it was used for the majority of the truck to allow for easier cleaning and reduced roughness on the areas touched the most. Both products are two-part, catalyzed, professional grade liners that are tintable with various color options.

 After paint, the truck was reassembled and all trim, weather stripping, and lights were replaced. Shortly thereafter, the wheel and tire package arrived. 17 inch Method Race Wheels and 34 inch Toyo Open Country M/T tires were chosen. The wheel wells and inner bed sides were restored and painted before the wheel and tire package was mounted. 

The truck spent roughly a year in Texas after it's transformation before making the 1,200-mile haul back to Florida. It never skipped a beat, even in the heat of summer, hauling 12,000 pounds for 20 hours straight. 

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