Pro Torque Street Muscle 10
Pro Torque Street Muscle 10

Pro Torque Street Muscle 10" Torque Converter - 4L60e




10" Street Muscle Torque Converters are rated for up to 500 HP (at engine) by Pro Torque. This HP rating is reduced for truck applications exceeding 4,200 lbs. For applications heavier than that weight or exceeding 500 HP, please use the 11" Pro Drive series. 


Pro Torque's 10" Street Muscle converters are an excellent budget-friendly option for street/strip applications. These converters retain lockup function. 



  • Furnace Brazed & Silicon Bronze Tig Welded Enforced Blades
  • Torrington-Style Bearings
  • Flanged Hub
  • Hardened Steel Drive Splines


Note:  Pro Torque converters are built to order and may take up to 3-5 weeks build time.