EPS LS1/LS2 CAM - 32634132
EPS LS1/LS2 CAM - 32634132

EPS LS1/LS2 CAM - 32634132




This cam is a great all around cam for 5.7 applications. It will have a very broad, smooth power curve from 3000 to 6800 RPM. It will provide a relatively choppy idle. This cam coupled with TFS 215 CNC LS cylinder heads has made 472 RWHP in a 2004 Z06 Corvette. This cam will usually provide power numbers usually associated with much larger cams.


Specs are 226/234 .604"/.604" 113+2


Part Number 32634132
Cam Type Naturally Aspirated
Brand Engine Power Systems (EPS)
Engine Type LS1/LS2 (Gen III/IV)
Cam Style Hydraulic Roller
Lift .604/.604
Duration 226/234
Lobe Separation Angle 113+2


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