BTR PDS CAM - STAGE 3 - CM33148205
BTR PDS CAM - STAGE 3 - CM33148205

BTR PDS CAM - STAGE 3 - CM33148205




This cam is on the upper end of aggressiveness for GM LSA and LS9 engines. Will work great with any positive displacement supercharger on a 6.2 liter engine. With almost 0 degrees of overlap it has a definite camshaft sound, but still has a mild idle, yet makes the power of much larger cams. The secret is in minimizing the overlap, while maximizing the intake valve closing and exhaust valve opening events. This cam has proven to make more power than other cams that have more lift, which makes this cam much more durable.

This cam was used by Redline Motorsports to set the Camaro ZL1 cam only record!

Lift approaching .650" or more while using stock 15 degree rocker arms with too much open spring pressure can damage valve tips long term. We recommend maximum lift of .630" and maximum open pressure of 400 lbs when using stock rocker arms.

Cam Motion 5150 cam core

Specs are 231/248 .617"/.595" 120+5 


Part Number CM33148205
Cam Type Supercharged
Brand Brian Tooley Racing
Engine Type Gen III/IV
Cam Style Hydraulic Roller
Lift .617/.595
Duration 231/248
Lobe Separation Angle 120+5


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