94-96 GM 6.5L Diesel Silicone Radiator Hose Kit
94-96 GM 6.5L Diesel Silicone Radiator Hose Kit

94-96 GM 6.5L Diesel Silicone Radiator Hose Kit




NOTE: This kit is designed to fit single thermostat applications ONLY. If you have upgraded to a dual thermostat crossover, you will need the 1997+ kit found here.

Complete 7 piece molded silicone radiator hose kit for 1994-1996 GM 6.5L Diesel Single Thermostat applications. This kit is designed for use on the GM 1500/2500/3500 truck platform, but may fit other 6.5L applications as well. This is the only 7 piece kit available for these trucks, and includes the only one-piece lower radiator/expansion tank hose assembly on the market which is designed to replace problematic OEM plastic branch fitting. In addition, this kit will eliminate the OE style quick connect heater fittings and replace them with one-piece silicone heater hoses.  

Kit Includes:

  • Upper Radiator Hose (Single Thermostat)
  • Lower Radiator/Expansion Tank Hose
  • 1" Thermostat to Water Pump Bypass Hose (Length: 6")
  • 5/8" to 3/4" One-Piece Heater Inlet Hose (Length: 36")
  • 5/8" Heater Outlet Hose (Length: 48")
  • 1/2" Expansion Tank-to-Radiator Overflow Hose (Length: 48")
  • 5/8 Barb Heater Restrictor Fitting (Installs in Crossover)
  • 13 Lined Hose Clamps (Optional)


NOTE: 1993 and prior model years did not use a pressurized coolant reservoir and used a different lower radiator hose. The lower radiator hose included in this kit will only fit 1994 and newer model years. 

Why Choose Silicone?
There are several advantages to silicone hoses beyond just their cosmetic aspect. Primarily the higher resilience to high underhood heat (such as in a turbocharged application, or even just the additional heat from long tube headers). They do not harden up or dry rot from excessive heat, these have an operational heat range of -40 to 475 degrees. These hoses will maintain their pliability and flexibility throughout their entire lifespan. Furthermore, the multi-ply silicone can handle much higher pressures than traditional rubber, these hoses are burst tested to 250psi and can sustain operational pressures up to 72.5psi (about 4.5 times the standard cooling system pressure). Silicone is much more impervious to oil based contaminants, and will not break down like rubber when exposed to oil or other lubricants. When compared to rubber hoses, the service life of silicone is unparalleled, these would likely be the last set of hoses you would ever need to purchase for your truck.